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Research Instruction & Training
From the basics on how to use the Library’s website to the more complex like searching Westlaw. Available to anyone, anytime –at your office or in the Library. To schedule a training click here or call Reference at (617) 226-1520.
Reference Assistance Reference Attorneys can help locate current and historical legislation from other states, track bills, 50 state surveys, compile older agency rules and regulations not available online. To submit a Reference question click here or call the Reference Department at (617) 226-1520.
 Massachusetts Legislative & Regulatory Research Current and superseded primary materials; legislative history reports; Senate and House sessions, bills and testimony. For more information click here or see Mass Legal Tracking below.
Massachusetts Legal Tracking  Up to the minute content on breaking legislative news, bill tracking, floor discussion, reports and testimony. For more information click here or call Reference at (617) 226-1520.
 Legal Alerts Current awareness services on everything from recent Massachusetts legislation and breaking news to judicial assignments, journal articles and more. To sign up for Legal Alerts click here.
 Audio & Video Conferencing The tools you need to meet your audio & video conferencing goals To learn more about audio & video conferencing click here.
Document Delivery 

Email or print delivery of court documents, case law citations, journal articles, book chapters and more.

To order Document Delivery click here or call (617) 226-1510.
Library Managed Services  Point-to-Point staffing, loose-leaf filing assistance, cataloging,  collection development and beyond. For more information click here or contact Amanda Merk at (617) 226-1317.