Massachusetts Legal Tracking
Reference Attorneys use MassTrac and State House News Service to locate and identify bills and send alerts when new legislation is signed into law or vetoed. They can provide you with coverage of Senate and House sessions, transcripts of floor discussions, committee reports, and testimony, when available.

Reference Attorneys also have access to the Massachusetts Register the day it is published, meaning you have access to emergency regulations, new text of the CMR and notices of upcoming public hearings the same day they are promulgated.

Judicial Profile Reports
Having access to sources such as the Almanac of the Federal Judiciary, BNA’s Directory of State and Federal Courts, the Directory of Federal Court Guidelines and Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, Reference Attorneys can compile comprehensive profiles on the education and professional backgrounds of federal and state judges in the United States. They can locate notable decisions by Massachusetts justices, attorney evaluations and commentary.
The Library also retains historical profiles of Massachusetts judges from pre-2009 in print.

Corporate Counsel Profiles
Reference Attorneys can identify corporate counsel at corporations and non-profit organizations in the U.S. and Canada and provide you with contact information, corporate structure and additional background information.

Massachusetts Legislative & Regulatory Research Reports
Reference Attorneys are able to assist you with researching legislation and regulatory histories for Massachusetts and federal law. The Library has copies of superseded Massachusetts General Laws, Acts and Resolves, House and Senate bills, bill summaries and any associated committee reports. We also retain historical versions of the Code of Massachusetts Regulations and the Massachusetts Register.

For more current Massachusetts resources, our Reference Attorneys can locate transcripts of committee hearings as well as oral and written testimony, and news articles from MassTrac and State House News Service. They also have a reciprocal relationship with the State Archives and can help you locate original bill packets.

Confidential Telephone Research
Reference Attorneys can contact state agencies, companies, courts, etc. on your behalf to save you time and protect your identity. We know who to call and what to ask to help cut through the red tape.

Massachusetts administrative agency decisions
Many older Massachusetts state agency rulings and regulations are not available online. Our Reference Attorneys can get you Board of Bar Overseers disciplinary decisions, Attorney General Opinions, Department of Public Utilities rulings, Labor Relations and MCAD Decisions, and more.