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Massachusetts OUI Collection

Posted: May 15, 2017
Tagged: CLE Collection Events

Our upcoming CLE Demystifying the Blockbuster Breathalyzer Case will get you up to speed on the latest case law for OUI offenses.  But if you’re looking to brush up on the basics and build a solid foundation for your next OUI case, be sure to check out the following titles in our collection:

LexisNexis Practice Guide: Massachusetts OUI Law by James D. Livingstone
An overview of your OUI case from initial client contact through post-trial motions. Includes forms and checklists.
5th Floor States  KFM2697.8 .M378
Also available as an eBook

Massachusetts Practice: Drunk Driving Defense by Stephen L. Jones
An encyclopedic reference treatise, replete with case citations and practice notes.
5th floor States   KFM2480 .M3 v.50

Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Stops Benchbook by James F. Comerford
Recently updated, the benchbook covers a wide variety of topics such as impoundment, warrantless searches, roadblocks, suppression of evidence, passenger issues, and more.
5th floor States   KFM2976.5.Z9 C65 2016

Trying OUI cases in Massachusetts edited by Hon. James M. Sullivan
MCLE’s guide to get you from trial preparation through post-trial relief. Forms are available on CD.
5th floor MCLE    KFM2697.8.Z9 T79 2013                

Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Offenses: Criminal, Civil, and Registry Practice edited By Hon. Andrew M. D’Angelo
In addition to OUI offenses and other common criminal and civil motor vehicle infractions, this MCLE guide covers reinstatement of licenses.
5th floor MCLE    KFM2939.T7 M37 2009  

Understanding Breath Testing, Chaired by Thomas E. Workman, Jr.
This seminar pamphlet from MCLE contains many of the reports and statistics about the Draeger 9510 breathalyzer units at issue in Comm. v. Ananias, including calibration issues and known problem tests and errors.
5th floor MCLE    KFM2697.8.A75 U53 2016