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Logging Evidence: Smart Devices, Privacy, and the Law

Posted: Apr 25, 2017

Can your cellphone’s GPS be used to estimate the speed that you were driving before an accident? Will your smart watch’s heartrate monitor be used against you in a criminal case? Welcome to the “Internet of Things” and the legal ramifications of the many devices that we use every day to track, analyze, and store personal data about who we are and what we do. Not too long ago, police and prosecutors in Arkansas made the news when they sought to obtain recordings and information from an Amazon Echo owned by a suspect in a murder investigation. And just this week, police in Connecticut charged a man with the murder of his wife after they discovered that her FitBit continued to log steps after the time at which her husband told police that an intruder had shot her.

These incidents are likely not to be the last of many situations in which smart devices will be used as evidence in the near future. While still novel, the law is catching up and in some cases is already fairly settled. Brush up on privacy, data security, and evidence law with the following resources in our collection:

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