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Book Review - The Little Book of BBQ Law

Posted: Feb 03, 2014
The Little Book of BBQ Law (Cecil C. Kuhne III: American Bar Association, 2013). Long the object of bragging rights and regional pride, barbecue is always in the middle of some kind of debate: charcoal versus wood, pig versus cow, Texas-style versus Carolina-style, putting sauce on before cooking or not until after. One thing is sure: because barbecue is dangerous and big business the action of slow cooking meats over an open fire and then slathering them with all kinds of spicy sauces can go beyond the court of public opinion. In his tidy compendium of barbecue-related litigation, Dallas-area attorney and BBQ aficionado Cecil C. Kuhne III brings to light many cases that have come up in local and federal court, involving injuries, civil complaints, labor law, trademark infringement, and even the integrity of the noble charcoal briquette. Just to show you his Southern hospitality, attorney Kuhne includes some sumptuous recipes in between the cases!

A fun read, but make sure you are close to a rack of ribs and your favorite sauce; this book makes you hungry! Request the book now.