Continuing Legal Education

The Social law Library is committed to the continuing education of legal professionals in Massachusetts. Our goal is to offer comprehensive educational seminars on topics relevant to the legal community and affordable to our members. Along with our partners we consider the time contributed by faculty and staff to be the highest form of professionalism.

Social Law also offers numerous cultural events throughout the year, free of charge, covering a range of topics such as book discussions, film screenings and dramatic performances. We are committed to engaging in discussion of the historical, theoretical and philosophical subjects that impact the legal profession. Thank you to our many co-sponsors for their continued commitment to the Library’s goals.

Date Upcoming Educational Programs at Social Law  
Guardianship in Massachusetts - Examining an Ever Changing Landscape - Session 2 ONLY Register
Juvenile Court - Best Sentencing Practices Register
HeinOnline - Luncheon Training Register
MOTOR VEHICLE STOPS: VIEW FROM THE BENCH - Tips and traps, do’s and don’ts, nuts, bolts and nuances - Springfield Location Register
Superior Court - Best Sentencing Practices Register