Lexis eBook full title list by practice area

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Massachusetts Law
Annotated laws of Massachusetts  2
Estate administration in Massachusetts  1
LexisNexis practice guide. Administrative law 1
LexisNexis practice guide. Massachusetts civil pretrial practice  2
LexisNexis practice guide. Massachusetts civil trial practice  2
LexisNexis practice guide. Massachusetts e-Discovery & evidence 3
LexisNexis practice guide: Massachusetts OUI law  2
Massachusetts Appellate Tax Board reporter  
Massachusetts corporate forms  2
Massachusetts corporations and other business entities  2
Massachusetts criminal law  1
Massachusetts elder law  1
Massachusetts estate planning, will drafting, and estate administration forms  2
Massachusetts guardianship and conservatorship in Massachusetts  2
Massachusetts labor and employment law 2
Massachusetts landlord-tenant law  2
Massachusetts laws rules 2
Massachusetts pleading and practice  1
Massachusetts real estate  1
Massachusetts tort damages  2
Suppression matters under Massachusetts law  3
Art of Advocacy 1
Art of advocacy. Appeals  1
Art of advocacy. Cross examination of non-medical experts  1
Art of advocacy. Cross-examination of medical experts  1
Art of advocacy. Demonstrative evidence  1
Art of advocacy. Direct examination  1
Art of advocacy. Discovery  1
Art of advocacy. Documentary evidence  1
Art of advocacy. Jury selection  1
Art of advocacy. Opening statement  1
Art of advocacy. Preparation of the case  1
Art of advocacy. Settlement  1
Art of advocacy. Summation  1
Banking and Financial Institutions
Banking and lending institution forms  1
Compliance guide for credit unions  1
Federal fair lending and credit practices manual  1
Investment advisers  1
Lender liability law and litigation  1
Loan policies manual  1
Michie on Banks and Banking 1
Regulation of investment companies  1
The law and regulation of financial institutions  1
The law of bank deposits, collections, and credit cards  1
The law of electronic fund transfer systems  1
The law of electronic funds transfers  1
The law of financial privacy  1
The law of lender liability  1
The law of letters of credit  1
The law of secured transactions under the Uniform commercial code  1
Truth-in-lending manual  1
2014 Collier portable pamphlet  1
2015 Collier portable pamphlet  1
Bankruptcy code and Bankruptcy rules  1
Collier bankruptcy practice guide  1
Collier lending institutions and the Bankruptcy code  1
Civil Practice
Court of Appeals for the federal circuit  1
Jurisdiction in civil actions  1
Rules of civil procedure and evidence  1
Sanctions  1
Contract Law
Computer contracts  1
Corbin on contracts  2
Entertainment industry contracts  1
Government contracts  1
Copyright, IP & Trademarks
Gilson on trademarks  1
Intellectual property  1
International copyright law and practice  1
Milgrim on licensing  1
Milgrim on trade secrets  1
Patent ethics: litigation 2
Patent ethics: prosecution  1
Patent licensing transactions  2
Patent office rules and practice  1
Patent Office rules and practice. Patent office rules book  1
Trademark and copyright litigation  1
Corporations & Business Law
Antitrust counseling and litigation techniques  1
Antitrust laws and trade regulation  2
Attorney's handbook of accounting, auditing, and financial reporting  1
Blue sky regulation  1
Commercial damages  1
Franchising  1
Gilson on Trademarks 2
Guide to doing business outside of your state  1
Liability of corporate officers and directors  1
Securities arbitration procedure manual  2
Securities law techniques  1
The law of associations  1
Criminal Law
Civil RICO  1
Criminal constitutional law  1
Defense of speeding, reckless driving & vehicular homicide cases  1
Federal criminal trials  2
Federal sentencing for business crimes  1
Military criminal justice  1
The Ponzi book  1
Environmental Law
Brownfields law and practice  1
Environmental law practice guide  1
Law of hazardous waste  1
Waters and water rights  1
Family Law
Adoption law and practice  1
Child custody & visitation law and practice  1
Lindey and Parley on separation agreements and antenuptial contracts  1
Federal Practice & Procedure
Bender's Federal practice forms 1
Bender's forms of discovery  1
Federal habeas corpus practice and procedure  2
Federal rules of evidence manual  1
Modern federal jury instructions  1
Moore's federal rules pamphlet  1
Moore's manual 1
Moore's manual. Federal practice forms  1
United States code service  1
United States Code service, lawyer's edition 1
United States code service. Annotations to uncodified laws and treaties  1
Weinstein's federal evidence  2
Immigration Law
Immigration law and procedure  1
The J Visa guidebook  1
Insurance Law
Business insurance law and practice guide  1
Insurance coverage for environmental claims  1
Insuring real property  1
New Appleman insurance bad faith litigation  1
New Appleman insurance law practice guide  1
New Appleman law of liability insurance  1
New Appleman on insurance law library edition  1
Responsibilities of insurance agents and brokers  2
Uninsured and underinsured motorist insurance  1
International Law
Doing business in Canada  1
Doing business in Japan  1
Doing business in Spain  1
Rhoades & Langer U.S. international taxation and tax treaties  1
Tax havens of the world  1
Virgin Islands court rules annotated  1
World trademark law and practice  1
Jury Instructions
Jury instructions in automobile actions  1
Jury instructions in commercial litigation  1
Jury instructions in real estate litigation  1
Jury instructions on damages in tort actions  1
Jury instructions on medical issues  1
Jury instructions on products liability  1
Labor & Employment
Employment discrimination  1
Employment screening  1
Labor and employment arbitration  2
Labor and employment law  1
Larson's workers' compensation law  1
The challenge for collective bargaining  1
Attorneys' textbook of medicine  1
Real Estate, Real Property & Zoning Law
Nichols on eminent domain  2
Powell on real property  1
Premises liability law and practice  1
Real estate brokerage law and practice  1
Real estate financing  1
The RESPA manual  1
Thompson on real property  1
Unclaimed property law and reporting forms  1
Valuation & distribution of marital property  1
Zoning and land use controls  2
Zoning law and practice  1
Tort Law
Business torts  1
Damages in tort actions  1
Handling federal tort claims  1
Liquor liability law  1
Mealey's litigation reports. Asbestos  1
Products liability  1
Scientific automobile accident reconstruction  1
Traumatic brain injury  1
What's it worth?  1
Trial Practice
Court awarded attorney fees  2
Cross-examination  1
Evidentiary foundations  2
Prosecution and defense of forfeiture cases  1
Prosecutorial misconduct  1
Trial error and misconduct  1
Everything else
Cohen's handbook of federal Indian law  2
Construction law  1
Computer law  1
Education law  1
Energy law and transactions  1
Goods in transit  1
Judicial conduct and ethics  1
Mealey's litigation report. Class actions  1
Military rules of evidence manual  1
Police civil liability  1
Proceedings of the sixty-fifth annual Institute on Oil and Gas Law  1
Proving ownership online ... and keeping it  1
Punitive damages  1
State constitutional law  1
Telecommunications regulation  1
The forty-eighth annual Heckerling Institute on Estate Planning  1
The law of advertising  2

State Specific

California class actions and coordinated proceedings 1
California employment law 1
Practice under the California securities laws 1
Connecticut, Rhode Island and Vermont
Connecticut trial evidence notebook 1
DuPont on Connecticut civil practice 1
Labor and employment in Connecticut 1
Rhode Island civil practice and procedure 1
Rhode Island criminal and traffic law manual 1
Tort remedies in Connecticut 1
Vermont advance legislative service 1
Corporate and commercial practice in the Delaware Court of Chancery 1
Delaware code annotated 1
Delaware corporation law and practice 1
Delaware corporation laws annotated 1
Delaware laws governing business entities 1
Delaware rules annotated 1
Employment in Florida 1
Florida civil procedure 1
Florida estates practice guide 1
Florida laws governing business entities annotated 1
Illinois & Ohio
Anderson's Ohio civil practice 1
Employment in Illinois 1
Employment in Ohio 1
Illinois civil procedure 1
Ohio business entities 1
Maine jury instruction manual 1
Maine probate forms 1
Maine probate procedure 1
Maine tort law 1
Annotated code of Maryland 1
Maryland employment law 1
Michie's annotated code of the public general laws of Maryland. 1
Modern Maryland civil procedure 1
Michigan, Pennsylvania & Nebraska
Labor and employment in Nebraska 1
Pennsylvania civil practice 1
Weissenberger's Michigan civil procedure 1
Mississippi & Georgia
Mississippi advance legislative service 1
Mississippi code 1972, annotated. Court rules 1
Georgia rules of court annotated 1
New Hampshire
Labor and employment in New Hampshire 1
New Hampshire advance legislative service 1
New Hampshire civil jury instructions 1
New Hampshire court rules 2
New Hampshire criminal code annotated 1
New Hampshire evidence 2
New Hampshire selected motor vehicle, boating and related laws annotated 1
New Hampshire workers' compensation manual 1
New Jersey
New Jersey commercial litigation 1
New Jersey corporations and other business entities 1
New Jersey insurance litigation 1
New Jersey laws governing business entities, annotated 1
The New Jersey register 1
New York
Bergman on New York mortgage foreclosures 1
LexisNexis practice guide. New York e-discovery and evidence 1
New York civil practice. CPLR 1
New York CPLR (Redbook) 1
New York e-discovery and evidence 1
New York laws governing business entities, annotated 1
New York nonprofit law and practice 1
White, New York business entities 1
North Carolina
Annotated rules of North Carolina 1
North Carolina Annotated Laws 1
North Carolina civil procedure 1
North Carolina unfair business practice 1
Robinson on North Carolina corporation law 1
Rules of civil procedure and evidence of North Carolina 1
Nevada, Texas, Wisconsin & Wyoming
Administrative Practice and Procedure 1
Employment in Texas 1
Employment in Wisconsin 1
Labor and employment in Nebraska 1
Nevada civil practice manual 1
Wyoming court rules annotated 1
Washington D.C. & Virginia
Code of Virginia 1
Code of Virginia, 1950 annotated. Legal ethics opinions and lawyer advertising opinions 1
Code of Virginia, 1950 annotated. Unauthorized practice opinions and legal ethics opinions 1
Criminal jury instructions for the District of Columbia 1
Friend's Virginia pleading and practice 1
Goolsby & Haas on Virginia corporations 1
Standardized civil jury instructions for the District of Columbia 1
Virginia ... advance legislative service 1
Virginia civil procedure 1
Virginia rules annotated 1

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