Purchased through the Social Law Library, the SilverSky Email Encryption system inspects all outbound traffic from Social Law Library mail servers and automatically redirects messages that contain the keyword “secure:” through an encrypted channel. With Social Law Library Encrypted Email Service you will enjoy the following features and benefits:

  • Send and receive unlimited confidential information via encrypted email 
  • ​Enforce email Encryption policies 
  • Ensure regulatory compliance under such state and federal regulations as 201 CMR 17 
  • Quickly and privately send personal information, statements, lending documents, patient records, trust documents, and other important information to your customers, law offices and business partners.
There is no software to download and install and there are no keys to manage and distribute.

For more information, contact Technology Services at technology@socialaw.com or 617-226-1570.

MailSafe Monthly Fees (to be billed annually):

For firms <5 email mailboxes: $6/month/mailbox
For firms >=5 and <10 email mailboxes: $5/month/mailbox
For firms >=10 email mailboxes: $4/month/mailbox

Set up Fees (Social Law Library Email Customers):

For firms <5 email mailboxes: $25 set up fee
For firms >=5 and <10 email mailboxes: $35 set up fee
For firms >=10 email mailboxes: $45 set up fee