Resource/Location Library/Call Number
Basics of International Taxation, 2022 4th Floor KF6419.A75 B27 2022
International Tax Issues, New York City 2023 4th Floor KF6419 .A75 I68 2023
Doing Business in Canada Lexis ebook 2022  
International Copyright Law and Practice 4th Floor Foreign
K1420.5 .I57 1988
Also available as Lexis ebook: Paul Edward Geller, gen. ed., International Copyright Law and Practice, 2021
U.S. International Taxation and Tax Treaties
4th Floor  KF6419 .R45 1996-
Also available as Lexis ebook 2022
World Trademark Law and Practice, 2d ed. 4th Floor Foreign
K1555 .H67 1985-
Also available as Lexis ebook 2022
Doing Business in Japan, rev. ed.
4th Floor Foreign
KNX920 .D65 2005-
Also available as Lexis ebook 2022
World Patent Law and Practice: Patent Statutes, Regulations, and Treaties 4th Floor Foreign
K1504.15 1968-
Also available as Lexis ebook 2022
Tax Havens of the World
4th Floor Foreign
K4464.5 .D53 1974
Also available as Lexis ebook 2022
International Estate Planning, 2d ed.
4th Floor Foreign

K4568 .C57 1999-
Also available as Lexis ebook 2021 

International Arbitration, 2022
4th Floor Foreign

K2400 .I582 2022
Bloomberg Law access:  restricted to designated terminals in the Library

Global patent litigation: how and where to win, 3d ed.
4th Floor Foreign
K1536 .E46 2019
International labor and employment laws, 5th ed.
1st Floor Noncore
K1705.4 .I47 2018
Summary of covenants not to compete: a global perspective 4th Floor Foreign
K1769 .S86 2020
Transnational litigation in a nutshell, 2d ed.
4th Floor Foreign
K2205 .B47 2021
The College of Commercial Arbitrators guide to best practices in commercial arbitration, 4th ed.
4th Floor Foreign
K2400 .C65 2017
The Guide to Advocacy, 5th ed.
4th Floor Foreign
K2400 .G855 2021
Redfern and Hunter on International Arbitration, 6th ed.
4th Floor Foreign
K2400 .R43 2015
Discovery Across the Globe: Obtaining Evidence Abroad to Support U.S. Proceedings 4th Floor Foreign
K2247 .D57 2020
International Commercial Arbitration in a Nutshell
4th Floor Foreign 

K2400 .B47 2020 
Also available as Lexis ebook 2020

Obtaining Discovery Abroad, 3d. ed.
4th Floor Foreign  K2247 .O28 2020
Attachment of Assets
4th Floor Foreign  K7683 .A98 1999
Agreements on Jurisdiction and Choice of Law
4th Floor Foreign  K7625 .B75 2008
Enforcement of Money Judgments
4th Floor Foreign  K7680 .E53 1988
Extradition Laws and Treaties, United States
4th Floor Foreign  K5443.2 U54
Forum Non Conveniens: History, Global Practice and Future Under the Hague Convention on Choice of Court Agreements
4th Floor 
K7625 .B73 2007
Global Patent Litigation: Strategy and Practice
4th Floor Foreign 
K1536 .G58 2006
International Civil Litigation in United States Courts, 6th ed.
4th Floor 
KF8840 .B67 2007
International Commercial Litigation
4th Floor Foreign 
K1005 .F46 2010
International Enforcement of Foreign Judgments
4th Floor Foreign 
K7683 .I68 2006
International Execution Against Judgment Debtors, 3 vol.
4th Floor Foreign   K7680 .I58 1993
International Extradition: United States Law and Practice, 4th ed.
4th Floor 

KF9635 .B37 2002

International Intellectual Property Litigation, 2 vol.
4th Floor Foreign  
K1401 .I5857 1998
International Judicial Assistance: Civil and Criminal, 2 vol.
4th Floor Foreign  

K7624 .R57 2000

Litigation of International Disputes in U.S. Courts
4th Floor Foreign  
KF8840 .N36 2005
Practical Handbook on the Operation of the Hague Service Convention, Permanent Bureau of the Hague Conference on Private International Law
4th Floor Foreign  
K7637 .A41965 P73 2006
International Judicial Assistance: Serving Process, Obtaining Evidence, Enforcing Judgments and Awards, 2d ed.
5th Floor MCLE  
K7624 .F65 2016

Accompanying CD-ROM contains forms on disc (Fourth Floor Reserve) See Reference Librarian for assistance.

Stranger in a Foreign Land: Taking Discovery Outside of Massachusetts and Outside of the United States
4th Floor Foreign  
K2247.A6 S73 2010
Transnational Litigation: A Practitioner’s Guide
4th Floor Foreign  
K2205 .T73 1997
International Business Transactions in a Nutshell
4th Floor

K3943 .F65 2020
Also available as Lexis ebook 2020

International Environmental Law in a Nutshell, 6th ed.
4th Floor Foreign  
K3585.6 .G87 2022
The Fundamentals of Counterterrorism Law
4th Floor Foreign  
KZ7220 .F86 2014
Global Capital Markets & the U.S. Securities Laws, 2014: Raising Capital in an Evolving Regulatory Environment
4th Floor Foreign  
KF1440 .G56 2014
The ABCs of the CISG [Contracts for the International Sale of Goods]
4th Floor Foreign  

K1028 .3198 .G73 2013

The Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act Deskbook 4th Floor
KF1309.5.A328 1976 S26 2013
International Sales Law, Contracts for the International Sale of Goods in a Nutshell, 3d ed.
4th Floor Foreign 
K1028 .3198 .F47 2014
International Trust and Estate Planning: Study Materials
4th Floor 
KF750.A2 I58 2019
Antitrust Issues in International Intellectual Property Licensing Transactions
4th Floor  

K1401 .A955 2012

Careers in International Law, 4th ed.
4th Floor
KF299.T73 C37 2019
International Law, 8th ed.
4th Floor Foreign 
KZ3140.J36 A35 2021
International Litigation, 2012
4th Floor Foreign 
K2229 .I58 2012
Concise International and European IP Law: TRIPS, Paris Convention, European Enforcement and Transfer of Technology, 3d ed.
4th Floor Foreign 
KJE2636 .C667 2015