Motor Vehicle Stops 2016 - Digital Audio Download


James F. Comerford, Esq., Quincy District Court
Author, Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Stops Benchbook

District Court Judge Cathleen E. Campbell
Editorial Committee, Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Stops Benchbook

Assistant District Attorney Craig Kowalski
Norfolk County District Attorney

District Court Judge Kevin J. O’Dea
Editorial Committee, Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Stops Benchbook

Superior Court Judge William F. Sullivan
Editorial Committee, Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Stops Benchbook

Defense Attorney Sarah Loraine Westra
Law Office of Jeffrey K. Clifford, Quincy

Length of Audio:
1 hour and 57 minutes


The Author and Members of the Judicial Editorial Committee of the Flaschner Judicial Institute’s recently published Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Stops Benchbook (2016) join an experienced prosecutor and defense attorney to provide a survey of substantive law as well as probe several specific areas that frequently arise in court proceedings. For instance, the following is a partial list of substantive issues that is explained:

• Segment #1: Expectation of Privacy, Stop/Activation of Lights; Canine Sniff Community Caretaking, Emergency

• Segment #2: Extraterritorial Stop/Arrest, Stop v. Arrest, Approach and Contact, Exit Order, Threshold Inquiry, Interior Protective Search

• Segment #3: Consent, Warrants, Warrantless Search, Search Incident to arrest, Inventory Search

Interspersed between these segments, the panel will examine select other issues, such as

• Marijuana Cases
• Taking Cases up on Appeal on New Theories
• Inferences and Burden of Proof
• Prosecutor and Defense Perspective, Practice Tips, and Pointers

The program was recorded at the Social Law Library on 5/24/2016.  Your digital download purchase includes the full audio recorded at this event in MP3 format as well as the materials provided to everyone who attended in PDF format.  Instructions to download your purchase will be provided in a confirmation email post checkout.   

CDs of this recording are available upon request. For questions about accessing your digital download or to request a CD, please contact the Social Law Library Technology Service department at 617-226-1570 or by emailing 

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