Latest Complex Issues in Murder Cases - DIGITAL AUDIO DOWNLOAD

•  Superior Court Judge Linda E. Giles, Program Chair
•  Superior Court Judge Kenneth J. Fishman
•  Superior Court Judge Peter B. Krupp
•  Superior Court Judge Jeffrey A. Locke
•  Christopher W. Kelly, Director, Digital EvidenceLaboratory, Attorney General’s Office
•  ADA Mark T. Lee, Deputy Chief, Homicide Unit,Suffolk County DA’s Office
•  ADA Adrienne C. Lynch, Chief, Homicide &Unsolved Homicide, Middlesex County DA’s Office
•  ADA Kate B. MacDougall, Chief, Family Crimesand Sexual Assault Unit, Essex District Attorney’sOffice
•  Attorney Rosemary C. Scapicchio, Boston
•  Attorney Robert L. Sheketoff, Boston
•  Attorney James L. Sultan, Rankin & Sultan, Boston
•  Attorney Larry R. Tipton, Tipton Law, Norwood

“Latest Complex Issues in Murder Cases” will focus on the most difficult areas of a murder trial, with comprehensive analysis from all perspectives. You will gain powerful, timely insights from leading practitioners, both prosecutors and defense attorneys, and a forensic expert regarding how to tackle these problematic issues. Judicial commentary and reflection from four veteran Superior Court judges will give you an inside look at how judges view these demanding aspects of a murder trial.

This program is critical for judges, prosecutors, defense lawyers, homicide investigators, and forensic experts. The following areas will be covered through presentation, discussion, and demonstrations:

•  Bail; Pretrial Discovery, Motions in Limine
•  Jury Issues
•  Digital Evidence
•  Emerging Issues in Expert Testimony

Produced by C.W. Consulting Co.

The audio of this program was recorded at the Social Law Library on November 1, 2019.

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