Gomes and Beyond: The Continuing Evolution of the Law of Eyewitness Identification in the Commonwealth

There have been nearly two dozen appellate opinions since the Supreme Judicial Court began considering changes to the law of eyewitness identification procedures in the Commonwealth, as recommended by the SJC’s Study Group on Eyewitness Identification. These opinions include issues involving photographic arrays and show-up identifications, in-court and voice identifications, several opinions on jury instructions including Gomes, and most recently new case law on non-law enforcement involved identification procedures.

The focus of this CLE will be on the new evidentiary issue that arise both prior to and during trial, and how the recent changes in the law intersect and interrelate with the new Model Jury Instruction on Eyewitness Identification.

The program was recorded at the Social Law Library on 11/9/2016.  Your digital download purchase includes the full audio recorded at this event in MP3 format as well as the materials provided to everyone who attended in PDF format.  Instructions to download your purchase will be provided in a confirmation email post checkout.   

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