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U.S. Constitution

 Article III, Section 2

United States Code    

  Selected Federal Statutes;
Maritime Jurisdiction – 28 U.S.C. § 1333
            U.S. Coast Guard – 14 U.S.C.
            Navigation and Navigable waters – 33 U.S.C.
            Shipping – 46 U.S.C. , 2023

        Federal Civil Judicial Procedure and Rules
Code of Federal Regulations              KF70.A3

    Navigation and Navigable waters33 C.F.R.

Vols. 1-2, Parts 1-199, Coast Guard, Dept. Homeland Security

Vol . 3, Parts 199-End, Corps of Engineers, Dept. of Army and St.     Lawrence Seaway Development Corp, DOT

   Shipping46 C.F.R.

Vols. 1-7, Parts 1-199, Chapter I-Coast Guard, Dept. Homeland Security

Vol. 8, Parts 200-499, Chapter II Maritime Administration, DOT and  Chapter III, Coast Guard (Great Lakes Pilotage), Dept. Homeland Security

Vol.9, Parts 500-end, Chapter IV, Federal Maritime Commission  

American Maritime Cases, 1923 -     KF1100 .A2 A4
With finding aid-American Maritime Cases, 5-year Digests
  KF1100.3 .A43

Benefits Review Board Service
    Longshore Reporter, Matthew Bender Vol. 1 – 44 (2010)

1st Floor non-core 
KF3628 .A6 B45
Long Shore Cases 1986 – Current 
  U.S. Department of Labor
Decisions of the Federal Maritime Commission, G.P.O.

Vol. 1 – 23   4th Floor Microfiche, Cabinet 2, Drawer 1, Row 2

Vol. 24-28       4th Floor

Note: The FMC no longer publishes reporters in print. All decisions (including current proceedings) are available at

Current Treatises and Selected Titles    
Benedict on Admiralty, 7th ed. Rev.
4th Floor 
KF1104.B45 1974
Also available as an ebook (editions vary by volumes)
Admiralty and Maritime Law in the United States (with statutory supplement to statutes), 3rd ed.
4th Floor 
KF1103.R63 2015
Admiralty and Maritime Law
4th Floor
KF1104.F66 2004
The Law of  Maritime Personal Injuries, 5th ed.
4th Floor 
KF1107 .N67 2004
Damages Recoverable in Maritime Matters, 2nd ed.
4th Floor 
KF1107.A75 D36 2020
The Law of Admiralty, 2d ed.
4th Floor
KF1104.G545 1975
Admiralty Cases and Materials
4th Floor
KF1103.A36 2004
Admiralty in a Nutshell, 8th ed.
4th Floor
KF1105 M34 2022
Also available as an ebook (2022)
Moore’s Federal Practice, Vol. 29: Admiralty
4th Floor
KF8820.A313 M64 1997
Also available as an ebook (2022)
The Law of Seamen, 5th ed.
4th Floor
KF1121 .N62 2003
Maritime Law Answer Book
4th Floor
KF1104 .B63 2022
Admiralty and Maritime Law, 6th ed.
4th Floor
KF1104 .S36 2018
Marine Cargo Claims, 4th ed.
4th Floor Foreign
K1168 .T47 2008

Older Treatises

The following titles, while recommended, are no longer current and are not publicly accessible. Please ask a staff member to retrieve them for you.

Maritime Insurance and General Average in the United States, 3rd ed.
1st Floor Non-Core
KF1135 .B83 1991
Marine Laws, Navigation and Safety, 4th ed.
1st Floor Non-Core 
K2531.A3  1994
The Law of Tug, Tow, and Pilotage, 3rd ed.
1st Floor Non-Core
KF2566.P37 1994
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Journal of Maritime Law and Commerce (1969-2010)

Lloyd’s Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly (1982-2009)

University of San Francisco Maritime Law Journal (1989-2009)

Tulane Maritime Law Journal (1987-2009)

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